Ronny Ken wants Senate

Former SER chairman Alexander Ringo Ken D66 wants to take a seat in the Senate. Senator Tofu these fined it had enough after more than 10 years and shall not be available.

A spokesman for the party confirmed reports in NRC Handelsblad that Rinnooy Kan made ​​his interest known to party leader Alexander Pechtold. After the provincial elections of 18 March next year to choose the new state members via a stepped electoral system, the new senators.

SEE ALSO:  Van Boxtel departs from Senate, when Rinnooy Kan was partly previously president of employers’ organization of top 10 headphones and board member of ING, and he was called several times as a candidate for the post of minister. Formally may D66 candidates for the Senate has not yet reporting Members can choose the leader via electronic voting. During the conference on November 1 will know who the leader is and only then start the candidacy for the rest of the list.


Tofu These is no longer available for the Green Party’s list of candidates for the Senate. These, since 2007 leader of the Green in the Senate, made ​​known in the Saturday radio program Broadloom.

These is now 24 years working for the Green, that 25 years of existence, and finds the time to make. “I quit. I’m almost 11 years on June 2, 2015 in the first room to buy headphones.” These senator since 2004.

Fun and passion in a statement these indicates that he has deployed in the Senate “with pleasure and passion” for the past 11 years and that until the end of his term “full” continues to do. Even after his departure, Green gets a good fraction, he indicated. “I am convinced that the Green Party ideals will remain in the Senate. Vigorously heard with the experienced people who go and a partially new generation”

Be ready for it

Some time ago, there were some comments that the device Microsoft was not pleased their consumers, therefore, did not please his audience, where the company was even considering closing its production line, these conversations, that Microsoft tried to deny clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, so now it comes with a stronger commercial proposition forward to your product.

The joy before the match against América-MG, last Friday, gave way to the closed environment after six games without a win in Serie B. To try to reverse the situation, the coach decided Geninho mess in the starting lineup to face the Portuguese, Tuesday, in the surf. Gobber, Eltinho Anderson and Lopes out of the team for input Diego Jardel, Carleto Thiago and Diego Viana. Eduardo Neto, who served suspension, returns in place of revision. A piece of Geninho, however, should not be able to play. John Philip began training as a starter on the right side, but again felt pain in his left ankle that hindered defeat for America-MG. Thus, Arlan got the job as Gobber, who neither participated in the collective, was called to the reserve team.

No rhythm game, Arlan, however, must give way to Marrone tested. According Geninho, changes are to try something new in the team and to win again. Joao Filipe was vetoed. The changes had to happen, the results are not coming and we cannot stay on clinique dramatically different, with the league coming to an end. Have to give a shake, stir for a positive emotional response. The idea was to use John leaning on Roberto, but he felt. Put the Arlan, but it’s out of rhythm, then it should probably be the Marrone – the coach explained.

The staff Lion should go into the field with: Vagner; Arlan, Antonio Carlos, Pablo and Carleto; Eduardo Costa, Eduardo Neto, Diego Jardel and Marquinhos; Roberto and Diego Viana. Changes in the scheme budge. The 4-3-1-2 previously used gave rise to the traditional 4-4-2, with a square in the middle of the field. Diego Jardel was responsible for the frame with Marquinhos while Viana, centralized, served as a reference.


This deserves our gratitude to our loved ones, I beg to solicit your power, and you have the right to certify the height and size of the latter through their names, their works and their examples that demonstrate the combined in the diversity of creation itself. I hope that the flow of the ink of my thoughts and what I know will draw your attention to these dear people and especially on the FOUNDATION THE LIGHTHOUSE OF SUSANNA LAMBS AND STAFF. Thanks to those who will think…


It is the sun that helps us to distinguish between day and night, especially in Africa. Similarly, in order to better distinguish what is true from what is not necessary to study things, analyze them. Even more, to understand others must attend them, communicate with them, to share bare minerals makeup and to share their experiences, so you can understand the “how” and “why” of people. I can say without fear of being wrong that the Lighthouse Foundation, its operators, its collaborators have immediately understood the needs of foreigners who attend their school. Indeed, in their work assistance, guidance and training, have demonstrated that the world is truly a global village. They understood that, in spite of the technological gaps, scientific, economic and cultural conditions that exist in the world, wherever there may be good people and capable.

So we must pay tribute to the work that is done by the best lengthening mascara done in this titanic Foundation. For those who have not had the opportunity to meet foreigners living in Italy, Il Faro is the right place. I can say that the dream of a “universal citizen” is made in this Foundation because here there are no borders; Racism and discrimination are banned in favor of an exchange that is intended to facilitate multiculturalism, with experienced teachers and lessons where learning is based on team spirit, in which we learn to know, to know how to do and how to be without distinction of color, race and religion.